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Bon Geso is on a mission to transform and follow recent trend the way customers eat. A key ingredient of our success is to have the best selection of popular restaurants to choose from. Whether people want African traditional foods or Western foods, we have got you covered. By constantly innovating and expanding, we offer the best choice and convenience. Our aim is to bring food fresh from the kitchen and delivered directly to your doorsteps.

As a customer, you can download the BonGeso user app to get a fresh meal from your favorite restaurants in your city, get a meal at your doorstep. You can register or sign up for the app by providing basic information like name, email, and contact details. Also, you can use a social account site like Facebook, or Google to sign up.

After login, you can search for your preferred meal from your faviorite restaurant. You can view a list of the restaurant with their information such as name, offer details, ratings and more. Also, you have an option to direct search restaurant names or filter the restaurant by their timing, rating, cuisine and more.

After selecting a restaurant, you can view food items, select the food item and place the food order. You have an option to track your order request within the app. Also, you can call or chat with the delivery person or restaurant vendor within the app.

Become a Partner

Expand your restaurant business online with our BonGenso store app. You can register into an app and provide information about a restaurant. After login, you can add restaurant details using the store panel such as name, timing, delivery radius, product details, address, etc.

After an admin approves your account your restaurant is visible to users. You have the option to manage profile status On/Off with a single tap. Also, you can manage real time order requests with the accepting or reject option.

You can view earning reports with a total number of completed, cancel, running, and pending order requests. Also, you can see order history, chat details and feedback with customer details.